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About Sawela Lodges Naivasha

The Sawela Lodges Naivasha is one of the best top safari lodges and hotels in Naivasha Kenya, our hotel offers guests a variety of recreational activities to choose from.
Such as An organic Swimming pool for both adults, large lawns for football and other contact sports, Volleyball and Netball pitches, A kids play area, Bicycles, Boating, Lawn Racket Ball, a guided nature walk and lastly the SAWELA TRAIL, which gives you the opportunity to blow off steam during your stay.
From the beginning, Sawela Lodge was meant to be a special place removed from the hustle and bustle, a beautiful place of tranquility where our guests live, laugh, and love. The Sawela Team works hard every day to make your stay memorable and put a smile on all our guests’ faces. Whether you visit for an event, a milestone, or just to pamper yourself, the Sawela is ready to fulfill your expectations.
Just a 90-minute drive from Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, Sawela Lodge offers spectacular views of nearby Mt. Longonot and world-famous Lake Naivasha. The peaceful and natural setting will have you rested and relaxed in no time, just as it has for many of our local and international guests who consider the property a luxurious home away from home.


Below is a list of the available Sawela Lodge Accommodation.
Superior Rooms – Our luxurious superior rooms are cozy, well-furnished, and ideal for avid travelers. Located near the reception area, each room is spacious enough and well-maintained to offer a relaxing ambiance for our guests. The rooms feature a modern shower cubical with a private balcony facing the lush green gardens.
Business Deluxe – The business deluxe rooms are spacious enough and set to great comfort that meets our guests’ expectations. The rooms are fitted with a state-of-the-art bathroom with both shower and bathtub options, a coffee/ tea maker, flat-screen TV, and a kitchenette. Guests can choose to stay in the wings near the swimming pool or at the far end of our grounds. This category has the interconnecting option and a balcony overlooking the lush gardens.
Business Suite – Our unique business suite room category allows you to combine business travel and a family vacation. A sliding door separates bedrooms and the sitting room area making it ideal for a family or business setup. The spacious rooms feature an in-room private safe, a state-of-the-art bathroom with both shower and bathtub options, a sofa convertible bed in the sitting room, flat-screen TV, coffee/tea maker, and other facilities. Guests have access to interconnecting rooms and a balcony facing the lush green gardens.


Located in the heart of safari-staging country near Lake Naivasha, the Sawela Lodge has much to offer those who are not heading out to the savannah. The hotel offers guests a variety of recreational activities to choose from the modern spa and sauna facilities; swimming pool for both adults and children; lawns so big there’s space for football; volleyball and netball pitches, a kids’ play area bicycles, boating, lawn racketball, a guided nature walk, and the Sawela Trail, giving you the opportunity to recharge and reset during your stay.

Room Amenities

Ever wonder why the Sawela flag flies so high in Naivasha? Great hotel accommodations, with excellent and outstanding services aimed at exceeding our guest’s expectations. The Sawela team makes you priority one at all times, ensuring a unique experience, whether for business or leisure.


Facilities Spa and Sauna, Swimming Pool, Gym, Nature Walk, Kids Corner, Indoor & Outdoor Games, Sawela Guided Nature Walk, and Boat Rides. In anticipation of our guest needs, we take special requests and offer the following extra services.
– Nanny Service
– Room Service

Wine & Dine

Sawela lodges Wine and dine in one of the best Lodges in Kenya, starting with fresh produce from the local farms and the neighboring counties, Chef Kenneth and his culinary team showcase the best of the local pro- duce enhanced by classic cutting edge techniques. One of the many favorites of our guests is the Grilled Tilapia fish that when prepared stay soft on the inside and crisp on the outside from the chef’s low heat slow cooking technique. Our Gourmet offerings have been developed to suit the many requests from our varied discerning guests. Starting with local cuisine, our chefs are well versed in French, Italian, Indian, and American continental foods. As we put it “Savor the selection of the finest food options available at The Sawela Lodge and prepare yourself for a culinary experience like none other from the Chefs corner; a cuisine that will inspire even the most discerning palates. It’s our pleasure”.

Naivasha Attractions

Hell’s Gate – Unique among Kenya’s parks, Hell’s Gate National Park allows you to walk or cycle, unguided, across its expanse. There’s dramatic scenery, with looming cliffs, gorges, and basalt columns. Lurking lions and leopards add to the excitement! Marking the eastern entrance to Hell’s Gate Gorge is Fischer’s Tower, one of the park’s many popular rock-climbing sites. Lake Naivasha makes a convenient base for exploring the park, so we recommend camping here, with Ol Dubai and Nai­berta campsites recommended as probably the best.
Crescent Island – Take a short boat ride from the mainland out into Lake Naivasha for access to the unique Crescent Island Wildlife Sanctuary. You can also access it by road, passing through the Horse Riding Complex. A wide variety of wildlife, birdlife, and flora lives quite freely out there, and since there are no predators to be found, quite happily as well. Spend some time wandering around at your own pace, enjoying the peace and quiet broken only by the sounds of the Island’s wild inhabitants.
Mount Longonot – Located south-east of Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, Mount Longonot is a dormant stratovolcano thought to have last erupted in the 1860s. Its name is derived from the Masai word oloonong’ot, meaning “mountains of many spurs” or “steep ridges”. A mountain climbing trail runs from the park entrance up to the crater rim and continues in a loop encircling the crater. The whole tour is only about 8-9 km long but very steep so the round trip of the park gate – Longonot Peak – park gate takes around 5 hours of hiking.
Lake Baringo – As a body of freshwater, Lake Baringo is home to hippos, crocodiles, and an abundance of fish and birds, but it does not have flamingoes, as these feed on the algae specific to soda lakes. Despite this, it is most famous as an ornithologist’s paradise, with 500 bird species, many of which are extremely rare or otherwise only seen in this area.
Lake Nakuru National Park – Take a short drive to Lake Nakuru and experience nature at its best. Lake Nakuru National Park offers a wide variety of wildlife including bats, colobus monkeys, spring hares, otters, rock hyraxes, hippopotamuses, buffalos, waterbucks, leopards, lions, hyenas, and giraffes, but the most popular reason for visiting is the wonderful sight of hundreds of flamingoes on the Lake itself. At one time there were thought to be around two million flamingoes here – about a third of the world’s entire population.
Thomson’s Falls – Traveling from the dust bowl of Nakuru, it will be a joy to see the ever-changing landscape and vegetation along the way: tea and coffee plantations merge into lush forests, colors of Africa fight for attention in your head, and around every corner, another view makes you want to stop and take it in. Thomson’s Falls is a beautiful waterfall at the Ewaso Nyiro River in Central Kenya, 74 meters (243 feet) high. It has one of Kenya’s largest hippo pools, located upstream from the falls. It’s also possible to view the falls from above, and there is a trail down to the bottom of the ravine.
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