The Coconut Beach Lodge and Spa

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Tiwi Beach Road, Kwale, Coastal Kenya, Kenya

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About The Coconut Beach Lodge and Spa

The Coconut Beach Lodge and Spa in Tiwi is a place where guests feel at home while enjoying the personal service of the hotel to the fullest. In front of the lodge is a 300 m wide, snow-white private beach. Here, the former owner lovingly planted coconut palms more than 30 years ago. These palm trees give the beach today incomparable charm.

You will be spoiled with culinary delights in the Coconut Restaurant with rum cellar and in the Tipsy Turtle Beach Restaurant as well as the Soushi Beach Bar. Our friendly and trained staff will welcome you in the massage station with Jacuzzi and Ocean View. Our small family-run lodge is for hotel guests only and we look forward to seeing you!

The ocean is lined by a reef, which runs parallel to the coast. The water shimmers in all shades of blue and is crystal clear. It is inviting to go snorkeling and diving.


The lodge offers 18 rooms in different categories.

  • 4 Beach View Standard Rooms
  • 2 Beach View Superior Rooms
  • 8 Garden View Standard Rooms
  • 4 Garden View Superior Rooms


Tiwi Beach is 35 km from Mombasa Airport on Kenya’s famous south coast. To the local Ukunda Airstrip, we drive only 15 minutes. There are daily flights from Masai Mara or Nairobi, so you can combine the beach stay with the ideal safari.


Tiwi Turtle Police

You are most welcome to visit our Tiwi Turtle Police Project. You can join the turtle police and rangers patrolling at the beach while they will tell you interesting facts about the turtles and the nests. If the relocation of a nest is necessary, you will help the turtle police to do so. If you are lucky, you will see the babies hatching and finding their way into the ocean! The members of the project will be happy to answers any questions you have. Participation is free of charge.

Junior Club – An exciting week for young explorers and adventurers:

  • Fishing trip with fishermen to the reef
  • Mangrove boat tour
  • Snorkeling tour
  • Games on the beach
  • Camel safari on the beach
  • Workshops with the „Tiwi Turtle Police“ Project

For kids from 4 years old, please contact us for further details. Price: 99 $ per child

Snorkeling Tour to Kinondo

The natural swimming pool called Kinondo has a size of four Olympic swimming pools and with its maximum depth of 6 meters is the perfect snorkeling spot! The white sandy seafloor and the turquoise water are the home of huge coral heads in wonderful colors. Occasional also sea turtles are coming here. Half-day tour includes: ·

Snorkeling and dolphin tour to Wasini Island

You will start your trip at Coconut Beach Lodge with a drive to Shimoni, a small town nearby the border of Tanzania. Here was once the first colonial base of the British in Eastern Africa which can be noticed in old buildings in colonial style. You will board now a wooden dhow boat, the main means of transportation on Kenya’s coast. While sailing through the blue lagoon, you might be able to spot dolphins. The dhow will drop anchor in the middle of a beautiful coral forest where you can snorkel through uncountable colorful fishes. You might even meet turtles underwater! Later on, a delicious Swahili seafood lunch will be served on Wasini Island, a small beautiful place midst in the Indian Ocean. After lunch, you will take a walk through the coral garden. Then the dhow will sail you back to the mainland and you will be driven back to Coconut Beach Lodge.


The south coast of Kenya is the perfect spot for diving. No matter if it is your first diving experience or if you want to do PADI certified courses, we offer different possibilities from “Bubble maker”, to “Discover diving”, “Open water”, different dive packages, and much more.

Mombasa City Tour

Mombasa uniquely combines tradition and modernity. Smells of cinnamon, anise, curry are in the air at the Soko spice market in the old town. Fruit, vegetable, and meat merchants clang loudly to the customers in the Digo Road, the people move slowly in traditional Arab robes through narrow, winding streets. In the old part of the 14 km² islands of Mombasa, numerous buildings, food, and clothing styles testify to the influence of the Arab merchants who settled here. But Mombasa is by no means only influenced by the Arab culture. For centuries, there has been a lively cultural and economic exchange between India, Arabia, Europe, and Persia. This is evidenced by the Hindu and Sikh temples, the Catholic cathedral, and a Jain temple.  Explore the city full of coastal culture!

Stand up Paddling and Kayaking

Cruise around the lagoon and enjoy the sheer beauty of the Indian Ocean or surf the waves on the reef and the shore break with the SUP board. Or rent a kayak and take a trip to Robinson Island which is a sand bar out on the reef in front of Baobab Hotel and exposed at low tides only.
It is also possible to do kite or windsurfing, please contact us for details.

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